Pylon definition, a marking post or tower for guiding aviators, frequently used in races. On larger roads, these "pylons" can be easily navigated around by any real drivers (motorists that travel safely while well above the posted speed limit). The pylons project organization develops web application framework technology in python.

This site provides an easy entry point into pylons project organization projects.

Pylons framework is an open-source application framework for the web, written in python. Pylons synonyms, pylons pronunciation, pylons translation, english dictionary definition of pylons. A pylon is a protoss structure needed for a probe protoss warp gate units can be warped-in within the psionic matrix created by pylons.

Define pylon: a usually massive gateway; an ancient egyptian gateway building in a truncated pyramidal form — pylon in a sentence. It makes great utilization of the web server gateway interface standard to. Pylons project, a set of open source web application frameworks written in python; pylon peak (disambiguation), several mountains; pylon turn, a flight maneuver in. Looking for online definition of pylons in the medical dictionary?

Nov 12,  · almost k, you people are crazy a movie tribute to the pylon craze, thanks to the popular game: starcraft.

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