Sqlite linux

How to install sqlite3 from source on linux view this list to see all the big name companies who are using sqlite. Sqlite database browser is a visual tool used to create, design and edit database files compatible with sqlite.

From the project home page: sqlite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional sql database engine.

Precompiled binaries for linux: sqlite-tools-linux anyone can view the repository contents and download historical versions of.

I'm installing sqlite like this sqlite - installation i get this error, anyone know what to do?

Sqlite installation - learn sqlite in simple and easy steps starting from this chapter will take you through the process of setting up sqlite on windows, linux. Sqlite3 - unix, linux command manual pages (manpages), learning fundamentals of unix and linux in simple and easy steps: a beginner's tutorial containing complete. Cross-platform c library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration sql database engine. To start a sqlite3 interactive session, invoke the sqlite3 command and optionally provide the name of a database file.

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